ISO-Lymph Nodes

February 20, 2017

If you frequent for sale sites then you know what ISO means. If not, ISO means “In Search Of” Well, I am in desperate search of lymph nodes. I wrote a while back about my swelling problem that was enhanced by a wasp sting. I have always had some swelling on my right side (mostly my ankle) since my hysterectomy but nothing like this. During my surgery I had lymph nodes removed so that is where this beastly swelling comes from. Since the wasp incident the swelling has moved from my ankle to my whole leg. I guess my leg was feeling left out.

After trying to ignore my swelling I went to the Doctor and became a happy owner of compression stockings. Along with the stockings came a prescription for a diuretic. I thought that I would be set and my swelling would disappear. I so wish that is what happened. Instead, I found out that I must be the only person on this earth that has a hard time taking a diuretic. The first time I took one I felt light-headed and I ended up with a major headache. Second dose ended with the same result. Blurg. So, I took to cutting them in half. It seems to work a little better for me. (I guess I am just the type of person that needs to be overly hydrated all of the time.) The compression stockings are also very interesting. I didn’t realize I would need to be measured for them before my order could be placed. I thought that if I was ever to be “measured” for something it would be a fancy dress. Not for nude colored compression stockings at age 34. But here we are. Combine the diuretic and the stockings together and for some reason they really are not working the best for me.

I have also tried other methods to get rid of this swelling. I have tried oils, epsom salt, elevating my leg and ibuprofen to name a few. I mostly stick to a low sodium diet except for parties and chip binges. Drinking crazy amounts of water is actually something that I enjoy so not a problem for me. I even took an epsom salt bath. I am not a fan of baths. To me they are so boring. I never understood the whole relaxing bath thing. It usually ends up being cold in the bath and I can still hear all of the happenings of my household. Reading in the bath scares me because I am scared I will drop my book in the water. Then I looked up how long I was forced to soak for and Mr. Google told me to soak for 12 minutes. That is a long time for someone who doesn’t like “relaxing in the bath” I went on to read about all of the reasons one would soak in epsom salt. I learned that if you have an ingrown toenail you only need to soak it once to be cured. If you are swollen you need to be soaking 12 minutes every damn day for the rest of your life. I am so jealous of you guys that are blessed with ingrown toenails. After my 12 minutes of torture I decided to take a shower. Now, that is relaxing. You know why? Because I can’t hear a damn thing and its super warm.

If you haven’t been able to tell by my tone this swelling is driving me bonkers. I haven’t been on a walk, jog or hike in a week in hopes that would help. (I did start working on my abs again but that is always ew.) Now, I am starting to wonder if I will be able to do any 5k’s this summer. That is one of the worst parts of this is not being able to exercise. I would have never guessed that I would be disappointed to not exercise but I definitely am. When I go on a walk it is my time to de-stress and I just feel a lot better about life after a good workout.

Even though this swelling has gotten me so worked up I had to tell the world about it I will take it over the alternative. I knew going in there would be side effects after cancer, surgery and chemo. In the big scheme of things swelling is not that bad. So, I will slide on my compression stockings and deal with it 😉



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  • Reply Tasha February 25, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    I had nodes removed from underneath my right arm. I remember being so shocked to find out that I had to be careful of any injury/swelling in my arm FOREVER. That is some BS.

    Do they have fancy stockings or can you jazz them up? Rocking some lace or Wonder Woman might make it a little better. ?

    • Reply Autumn February 26, 2017 at 7:58 am

      It does suck! Have you had issues with swelling? I have been looking for some stockings online. I need thigh high and all of the pretty/fun ones are knee high. Maybe I could bedazzle some myself 🙂

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