The Swelling: Part Deux

March 12, 2017

I had written about my swollen leg a while back. If you didn’t catch that post you can read about it here. Things have actually improved a little. Instead of treating my leg for a couple of days and then getting frustrated. I have actually been sticking with my plan. I wear my stocking once a day during down times. Usually, during Avery’s nap or at night. The Epsom salt baths have been helping and I have gotten over my fear of dropping things in the tub. (Now I understand a little why a bath can be relaxing.) My oils have been helping as well. I have been using Fennel, Rosemary and Cypress. I start on my foot and work my way up. With all of those things and my diuretic; things are looking up. I also got a suggestion of trying physical therapy from a fellow blogger. I will definitely be checking into that as well.

Since my swelling is improving I have been slowly getting back into exercising. Depending on what kind of mood mother nature has been in; I either go snowshoeing or hiking. I get about 1.35 miles in each time. I have also gone on the elliptical a couple of times too. The elliptical is definitely easier on my knee; just not as fun. I haven’t given up on my quest for a flatter stomach either. To my surprise, I have actually forced myself into doing ab exercises five times a week. I don’t have a ton of endurance or patience when it comes to the abs but it’s getting better. It will be slow going for a while but I definitely want to be able to do some 5k’s this summer. So, I will keep at hiking, walking and hopefully add some running in soon.

Let me be a cautionary tale to you. Don’t wait until your area of swelling looks like a bright red blimp to seek treatment. If you have surgery that requires removal of lymph nodes you should be aware of swelling. Especially, if you have an injury to the area. (Or a mad wasp stings you.) It is better to treat as soon as possible then to wait. Trust me it does not go away on its own.

My leg may never totally be back to normal but it looks way better than before. Plus it feels better. One more piece of advice: Check your shoes in the late fall to make sure you don’t have a wasp in them ready to attack šŸ™‚

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