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Meet Amber!

June 19, 2017

Something funny happened at the mall the other day. I filled the cat sized hole in my heart! We have been looking for a while but hadn’t really found “the one.” To be honest Amber has some pretty big shoes to fill. We will always miss our Percy bear but it is time to have some new paw prints in the house 🙂

Funny story about our new friend Amber. I had went to the humane society a little over a month ago to fill out an application and check out some cats. I spent a lot of time in kitty city and really fell in love with Amber. The only glitch was her age. She is 7 1/2. Fresh off of a loss I wasn’t sure if I was ready to dive into adopting an older cat. But she was so sweet and I thought an older cat would be better with Avery. So, I filled out my application and put Amber’s name on it.

While I was filling out my application I mentioned that I would have to talk to husband about her age but that I was definitely interested. I guess there was some confusion because by the time I learned that my application had been approved she was on hold for someone else to adopt her. I was a little miffed so I decided to look elsewhere.

It took a while but I finally got around to going to a different shelter in our area. I found a cat there that I really liked but he reminded me a little too much of Percy. I happened to be in the mall so I stopped in at the humane society’s shop that I first went to. There sat Amber. I could not believe it. When I asked the gal that was working she said that the person that was supposed to adopt Amber backed out and she has been at the shelter the whole time. It took about 20 minutes and $36 dollars and I was on my way home with Amber.

It’s been an interesting week with Amber. She is pretty shy and is still getting used to the different noises in her new home. By the evening of her second day with us she decided that it was better to hang out with us instead of the basement. She loves cuddling and attention. For being 7 1/2 she’s very playful. Amber thinks it would be best to get our attention while we are sleeping. It has made for a some long nights. Since she is very good at voicing her opinions she wakes Avery up so she can join the party too. I feel like I have a newborn again! I am hoping Amber gets used to us sleeping at night soon.

The best part of having Amber join our family is how much Avery likes her. I think we can attribute some of that to equine therapy. Percy was not as vocal or receptive to attention as Amber is so it makes it easier for Avery to pay attention to her. Avery follows Amber around and pets her tail. She loves how vocal Amber is and is very interested in her.

I am so excited that Amber was able to join our family! It has to be fate!


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