Music Therapy

Little Drummer Girl

July 27, 2017

Hello everyone!! It has been such a busy summer! Between running to therapies, play dates and outside time writing has gotten pushed to the side. I also forgot how hard it is to write when Avery is home πŸ˜‰ Between little blips on Facebook and jotting things down I have been pretty absent from writing for about a month. Yikes!

Anyway, Avery just finished her sixth music therapy session. I am still so amazed with how music therapy works! Avery has been enjoying each session and exploring all of the instruments available to her. (I think Avery thinks it is her own personal concert.)

Avery has always enjoyed the piano so I was a little surprised when she started favoring drums. There are many different types of drums that music therapy has to offer. Avery’s favorite is a drum that the therapist sits on the floor. Then Avery can either kneel on it, sit in a chair and put her feet on it or she can sit just sit and play along. For the most part Avery has just been feeling the beat with her knees and letting the therapist do most of the work. Until yesterday. We walked in and Avery immediately went to the drum and started drumming herself. It was like a switch flipped and she realized that she could play the instruments by herself. She stayed at the drum for about 10 minutes which is a long time for her. She eventually moved on but at the end of her session she was back to the drum.

Not only did something click with Avery regarding the instruments it also clicked for other tasks at music therapy. For the most part she was putting things away before she moved to the next instrument and she was staying at each instrument for an extended amount of time. Sharing is still a hard one for Avery, especially with the piano. It was nice to see her sit at the piano with her therapist and play though. Even though she was determined to “play” herself she didn’t mind the therapist sitting with her. It made me so excited for when Avery really does play!

With music therapy and equine therapy Avery is learning so much more than how to play instruments and ride a horse. She is learning how to make connections with others and animals. There are a lot of pictures and identifying/matching involved with both therapies. Plus she is discovering positive outlets for her energy and emotions. Not every day of therapy is easy and some days even I want to cry. But Avery pushes through and I am so excited for our little drummer girl!

I actually do not have a picture of Avery at music therapy. Believe me I so want to take one but I don’t want to distract her so I haven’t yet. So, I thought I would share this cute one of her.



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  • Reply Rachel July 28, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    I hear you on the writing difficulties! That’s why my weekly post this week is a picture, haha.

    I’m so glad Avery continues to do well with music therapy.

    • Reply Autumn August 10, 2017 at 3:59 pm

      Thank you!! I will be glad to get that small amount of time when Avery goes back to school for half-days again πŸ™‚

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