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September 21, 2017

I totally thought I would have more time to commit to my blog and possibly start submitting pieces to other publications again once Avery started school again. And I was proved wrong, again. I have been so busy in the three short hours that Avery is in school. I hope after next week things slow down. I mean, it has to sometime right?!?!

Anyway, Avery is loving school this year which makes me so happy! This summer was difficult for Avery without having the routine of school. By the time September rolled around we were both more than ready for the first day of school. This year Avery was lucky to be able to start off her school year with a one-on-one aide. Which makes a world of difference. She was also able to meet her teacher before school started. Even being able to just meet her teacher helped her mood improve so much. Then she knew for sure that she was going back to school and wasn’t going to be stuck with mom forever 😉 Avery is able to take a break in the new sensory room at her school which helps her tremendously. From what I hear she is having to take fewer breaks as the year goes on.

I knew Avery was excited to go back to school but I never realized how excited she was. The night before her first day her eyes lit up when I got her backpack out of the closet. The morning of her first day she literally ran and skipped to her classroom. Once we got there I tried to get some pics but of course those never turn out. I thought I would be able to hang around a little bit before leaving but Avery let me know that she did not need me whatsoever. She kindly waved me away and broke my heart into little mommy pieces. I know it is so great that she loves school but maybe she could at least pretend to need me?!

So far Avery has been having really good days at school. Of course there are some bad moments but overall every day has been great. I am so impressed with the kids in her class again this year. Just like last year the kids are so accepting of Avery and are very nice to her. There are a couple of familiar faces but most of the kids were not in Avery’s class last year. She has made one new good friend that always says hello in the morning when I drop her off. Of course I think it is super cute 🙂  Avery is even showing interest in riding the bus which is something we will probably try this year. Last year Avery didn’t even like sitting on the bus so I am excited for this new development.

So far this year has been going great and I am excited to see all of things Avery will accomplish!

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