Arms up, one last time

December 4, 2017

Well, after a long five years I can finally say I am in remission! Or as Dr. Beck put it “You have reached a major milestone today!” It really does feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. No more follow-ups, scans or lab work. It’s so strange to think that I will not be making the trip down to Cancer Treatment Center in six months. Definitely, a lot of emotions today but overall a huge sense of relief. I went from “Some people make it.” to “You are released!”

I’m guessing some of you are wondering about the title of the post. Every CT scan I had to put my arms up when I went into the scanner. Pretty normal stuff. Anyway, this scan I had a tech that I had never had before. He didn’t know me or my story. He had no idea that this was possibly my last time riding into the scanner sunset. After a couple of pictures he took me out to get the contrast going for my last set of pictures. As I was going back in he said “Arms up, one last time.” As it turned out it was.

I cannot even begin to thank everyone for all of the support and love the last five years. It’s been a wild ride but we have been lucky enough to have a huge support system that continues to grow. Being diagnosed with cancer can quite possibly be the worst thing to ever happen to a person. (It came in at a close second for me.) But I was fortunate enough to have the support I needed to get through it.

I am still a little anxious about not having to see my Oncologist anymore. Sounds silly, I know. I did have to promise that I will have my yearly physical and have anything abnormal checked. Both things I fully intend on doing. Dr. Beck did tell me that they are there if I need them again. I am also kind of wondering what life is going to be like now that I don’t have scans looming every six months. I definitely plan to enjoy myself 🙂

Through all of this I learned a lot about myself and people in general. I learned that you are much stronger than your diagnosis. You have to be your own advocate because everyone deserves the best care possible. And the most important is that every single day is a gift.

Thank you all for your kind words and messages. It means so much <3 On to the next chapter!


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