With small steps we achieve big goals

February 12, 2018

Whew! It has been quite the past couple of months! We have been so busy running to appointments and I even got myself a part-time job. We are halfway through 4k and prepping for kindergarten. Avery has made some great strides this year and has had some very positive growth. Always excited to see that πŸ™‚

After fighting with insurance for a very long time we were able to get Avery eight sessions of outpatient occupational therapy. (Still working out the details on speech therapy and more OT.) We were lucky to get pared up with Alie and we both really like her! Avery had her third session today and is already doing some things that I have been trying to do with her for a long time. Avery loves bubbles but has never been interested in actually doing the blowing herself. She either wants to eat the bubbles or hands the wand to whoever is with her. Today she actually attempted to blow her own bubbles and moved her mouth the right way to do so! Big step! Moving her mouth correctly is so important in gaining more speech too! With the help of OT and her aide at school Avery will actually play with play-doh for a short time without eating it. Another huge step πŸ™‚ Avery is also learning how to regulate her body and emotions. Which helps with meltdowns and finishing tasks. Plus makes her more happy overall.

Of course Avery still enjoys her music therapy. We did have a couple of bumps in the road but they seem to be smoothing out. Avery is learning to share the keyboard and piano which are struggles for her. (She is fine sharing the other instruments for the most part.) She also has cut down on pushing the “DJ button” on the keyboard which makes her mother happy. When Avery started getting frustrated at music therapy the therapist switched things up a bit and now she is able to hold her interest more. We do the running drum game which also helped Avery with “imitating” what the therapist does more. Avery has been doing more “imitating” at school and at home which is awesome.

It is so amazing to watch these people work with Avery. It’s even more amazing to see Avery thrive. It takes a lot of hard work to get Avery into therapies and to keep her there once we start. Every session isn’t perfect and there are still a lot of frustrating moments. Dealing with insurances and driving all over aren’t fun either. But one good moment in an hour-long session makes all of it worth it. And knowing that Avery is having overall good days at school makes me so happy. Every small step she takes leads to achieving a bigger goal πŸ™‚


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