Whats on your shelf?

What’s on your shelf? April 2015

April 27, 2015

Since I have my own site I am so ready to start trying some new things that I have been thinking about. This is my first. On the last Monday of every month I am going to do a post about what I am reading and ask what you all are reading for the month. I have a couple of goals for this. My first goal is to maybe actually read the books that are on my shelf and the second is to find new books to read 🙂 I think this may push me to read more which is something I have been meaning to do. The other day husband asked me how my book was going that I was reading. I said okay but I haven’t even gotten past the first chapter. He replied with “I remember when you would read a book in a day.” I remember those days too and I miss them. Granted life with a toddler is busy but I think I could fit in more reading time.

I plan on reviewing the books I have read on the next post so you all will know how they were. I will be giving honest reviews and I will not be getting paid for these reviews they are just my personal opinion. If I were to do a review that ended in some form of monetary gain I would let you know of course and it would still be an honest review 🙂 If I did have a book review it would be in a separate post from the monthly book posts.

So here are the rules guidelines:

  1. There are no rules!! Haha
  2. Okay just kidding there has to be some rules but I will call them guidelines because I like guidelines. I do not like rules 😉
  3. You can choose as many books or as few as you like.
  4. I won’t scold you if you do not finish your book or books for the month.
  5. If you choose to participate please post a photo of the book and let us know the title and author.
  6. If you want to give an honest review feel free too 🙂 *Please do not review a book that you are being paid to review.
  7. You can also give us a little info on the book before you read it if you would like 🙂
  8. You can share your review, photo and book info in the comment section of my post every month or on my social media outlets. My Facebook page or on the Twitter you can tweet me up with @6480Autumn with the hashtag #whatsonyourshelf.
  9. I welcome books of any genre as I know we all have different tastes but please no pornographic material.
  10. I would ask that you please follow me in some way either via email, Facebook or the Twitter (@6480Autumn). Please be sure that if you do follow via email that it is on this site not my site through wordpress.com 🙂
  11. Have fun and find new authors and/or books to read!!

Alright now that we got the business side taken care of let’s get to the fun side! I have chosen three books for this month. Call it ambitious or not smart you can decide. Hopefully I can get through them!

My first book I have been working on for quite a while but I am determined to finish it. It is called Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow. It is written by Dr. Jan Pol with David Fisher. Like I mentioned before I have started and I hate to admit this but I am only 35 pages in 🙁 So far I really like it! It chronicles  Dr. Pol’s life from the start of veterinary school until present with some added info about his childhood. I am excited to finish this book but of course a little sad because I always get a little sad when a book is finished.

My second book that I plan on starting is titled The Hunting Shack by Gunnard Landers. Funny story regarding this book. Personal trainer and I got to talking about books, writing and me taking the next blogging steps when he mentioned that a gentleman that he rooms with on ski trips wrote a book. He told me his name and the title of the book and I looked it up on Amazon. Found the book and got it shipped to me for a little present for personal trainer. Now he has finished the book and it is my turn 🙂 It is a fictional book about six men hunting together in you guessed it Wisconsin. The twist is that there is a killer amongst them.

My third and final book for this month is Man up! by Ross Mathews. It is a book about his life or autobiography if you will. If you don’t know him you need to know him. I started watching him from his days on Jay Leno. Now he has a podcast, a book and much more. Of course I love his humor but I also love his attitude and persistence.  I have been meaning to purchase and read this book for a long time and I am super excited to dig in!

I am super excited to see all of your book choices!! Now I have to get to reading or cleaning 😉 Any questions or suggestions give me a shout!! Now you all start reading too because this is a race (just kidding)


Whats on your shelf april 2015




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  • Reply Snoskred April 27, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    So I signed up for blogging for books a little while ago and I just finished my second book.

    I also signed up for netgalley and have requested a few books via their interface and have received 3 books to read and review!

    Do books you receive for free in exchange for a review count?

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