Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy Time!

May 16, 2017

Avery had her first equine therapy session last week. We had been waiting on this wild Wisconsin weather and we finally got the warm stretch we were hoping for. By wild I mean going from temperatures cold enough to have freeze watches and warnings to now being humid with a tornado watch. Anyway, we were lucky enough to have a sunny and 70 degree day for our first session. I was really not sure how Avery would do; so I…

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You just have to finish

May 4, 2017

Today was a rough day at the gym. I haven’t really ran for about four months. I thought the time off would help the arthritis in my hip and the swelling in my right leg.  Even though I cut out running I didn’t stop exercising completely. Over the winter I got a lot of snowshoeing in, started yoga and started strengthening exercises for my hip. The yoga is going really well and I can do it right at home. My…

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The Play Day

April 9, 2017

Yesterday, Avery and I had an unplanned and unplugged play day. We started things off with a trip to her favorite play place and then home for lunch, a walk and some sidewalk chalk fun. It was definitely something we both needed. Things have been rough lately for both of us. Avery has been having a rough time at school and at home. She hasn’t been sleeping well and her anxiety is high. If she doesn’t sleep that means I…

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The Rejection

April 2, 2017

For the most part I have been pretty lucky when submitting pieces for publication. Out of all of the pieces I have submitted to various outlets I have gotten the rejection twice. The first one really bothered me. I let it affect the way I wrote and it really made me question submitting anything ever again. Looking back, it really was not a huge deal at all and I should have moved on way more quickly than I did. The…

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That Old Scan Feeling

March 24, 2017

I sit at my computer watching the cursor flash at me. I don’t want to write this post but my fingers keep moving. I hate that I am scared. I hate that every six months cancer is on my mind 22 hours a day. I feel like I should not be complaining because there are so many people fighting right now. And me? I am lucky enough to be in remission. I have 18 more months of this left. Only…

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The Swelling: Part Deux

March 12, 2017

I had written about my swollen leg a while back. If you didn’t catch that post you can read about it here. Things have actually improved a little. Instead of treating my leg for a couple of days and then getting frustrated. I have actually been sticking with my plan. I wear my stocking once a day during down times. Usually, during Avery’s nap or at night. The Epsom salt baths have been helping and I have gotten over my…

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We have to keep going

February 24, 2017

Yesterday, we had an eval for our daughter to start equine therapy. As excited as I am for her start I remain a little guarded. There is no guarantee that she will like it or that she will be able to continue. It went about like what I expected. We are both battling head colds and I questioned whether we should just reschedule. I wanted her to feel good and be in a good mood. But there are no guarantees…

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ISO-Lymph Nodes

February 20, 2017

If you frequent for sale sites then you know what ISO means. If not, ISO means “In Search Of” Well, I am in desperate search of lymph nodes. I wrote a while back about my swelling problem that was enhanced by a wasp sting. I have always had some swelling on my right side (mostly my ankle) since my hysterectomy but nothing like this. During my surgery I had lymph nodes removed so that is where this beastly swelling comes…

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Loss Love Uncategorized

Goodbye Percy

January 30, 2017

Today was a day I have been dreading for quite some time now. Today was the day that we let our Percy go. I wish things would have been different and we could have our orange bear with us forever. But it was time. For the last week or so Percy has been crying in pain and really only wanted to be holed up in the bathroom with the radiator blowing on him. He was getting more disoriented every day…

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There are good ones too

January 19, 2017

Much of the time I feel like I focus on the hardships of finding help for Avery and/or working with the people that we do receive help from. I forget about the good ones. We have worked with and still work with some pretty amazing people. These people have touched not only Avery’s life but mine as well. They make our days so much easier and I don’t think I could ever thank them enough. It’s a long and sometimes…

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